Professor Yu Hongnian from Bournemouth University Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


13th Dec, 2016

Professor Yu Hongnian from Bournemouth University of UK was invited to give an academic lecture about the Advanced Robot Technology in the 3rd conference room in Information Building. The lecture was hosted by Dr. Peng Shanglian from Computer Science College, with the attendance of leaders, teachers and graduate students from Computer Science College.

Yu Hongnian introduced firstly on the historical background and related motivation of industrial robots, secondly on the basic framework of human-computer interaction and disciplines involved in the framework. Yu also talked about the related interdisciplines and connected them with computer science disciplines to form a new research direction. Through some examples, such as adaptive acceleration system, capsule robot, robot dog, he described some cutting-edge technology in these areas and introduced some scientific research projects of the European Union.

After the lecture, warm applauses were given to Professor Yu and his wonderful report. Students and teachers asked questions and exchange views actively with Professor Yu about the relevant issues deeply which will bring benefits to all.

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