CUIT Delegation Led by President Zhou Jiliu Visited Universities in Australia and New Zealand


21st-28thNov, 2016

CUIT delegation led by President Zhou Jiliu visited universities in Australia and New Zealandincluding Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and The University of Melbourne (UM). Director of International Office, Duan Qianbing, Dean of Computer Science College, He Jia, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Office, Zhu Ming, Associate Dean of Control Engineering College, Jiang Tao and Interpreter Gai Qiuyan from International Office were in the delegation. During this visit, CUIT delegates communicated with representatives of the universities and signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation.

The delegation visited Wintec. Focusing on the co-founding project of China-New Zealand Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the delegation had in-depth discussion with representatives including Vice Chancellor Mark Flower and Pro Vice Chancellor David Christiansen. The Participants included Dean of College of Media Arts, Mr. Sam Cunnane, Chairman of the broad of SODA Inc., Mr. Julian Elder, Broad Member and Director of R&D Dept. of Gallagher Group, Mr. Rob Heebrink, CEO at SODA Inc., Dr. Claire McGowan, Head of Operations, Ms. Rachel Adams, Director of Entrepreneurial Center, Ms. Margi Moore, Student Adviser of Project in China, Ms. Wang Min.

The two sides reached cooperation consensus on five points: first, the two universities will take turns to hold International Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Second, the two universities will co-construct innovation and entrepreneurship training courses in IT field. Third, the two universities will share high-class enterprise mentors and resources of innovation and entrepreneurship. Fourth, the two universities will take a lead in starting communications between both student groups of innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve exchanges of students and mentors. Fifth, the two universities will cooperate with Gallagher Group on the research and development of airport security inspection systems.

After the meeting, the two universities signedThe Cooperation Memorandum of CUIT and Wintec to Co-found Project of New Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The delegation visited RMIT and attended a symposium with Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Tom Steiner, Associate Dean of College of Science, Prof. Kay Latham, Associate Dean ofCollege of Computer, Prof. Lawrence Cavedon, Consultant in International Affairs of College of Science, College of Engineering and College of Health, Dr. Christine Chow, Lecturer of College of Science, Dr. Andy Song. The two sides explored project-cooperation of teachers and students in depth, focusing on computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. and confirmed the content of cooperation, which laid the foundation of signing the cooperative agreement.

After the symposium, accompanied by Prof. Lawrence Cavedon, the delegation visited artificial intelligence and machine learning laboratories in College of Computer and communicated with their professors.

The delegation visited UM, explored in depth with the Head of International Office in the Trinity College, Dr. Yang Ou, about the 2017 UM Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Project developed by both sides, hoping that resources could be shared and then exchanged views on developing projects of students’ communication and teachers’ cultivation. After the meeting, the delegation visited places for study, activities and accommodations. At present, there are 10 students who signed up for the innovation and entrepreneurship project in UM and they will fly to MU for the short-term learning in January 2017.

The delegation visited Mintcode Pty Ltd, investigated its Education Center in Australia, and explored with the CEO, Ms. Chang Jingnan, by focusing on the construction of an Oversea Studies Center jointly found by both sides. By establishing the center, a resource platform for study, communicate and practice could be provided to students both in China and Australia. In addition, the delegation expected to build a cooperation platform in education and scientific research with Australian superior universities with the help of Mintcode Pty Ltd and its education resource in Australia.

The delegation visited The University of Sydney and Macquarie University. In USYD, the delegation investigated the robot R&D center, which is the world’s second largest one, and had detailed knowledge of the resource of SLAM algorithm and development of robot R&D. In MQU, the delegation discussed the Study-tour project in the expectation that exchanges between the two sides could be carried in more fields.

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