Senior Research Scientist Dr. Tao Guangming from UCF Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


3rd Jan, 2016

Senior Research Scientist Dr. Tao Guangming from CREOL, University of Central Florida gave an academic lecture entitledAdvanced Functional Fibers and Textilesin CUIT hosted by Professor Cai Ju, held by Communication Engineering College. Dr. Tao is also the co-founder of Lambda Photonics and member of Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan.

Dr. Tao Guangming made an introduction to the background of the advanced functional fiber preparation, the process and features of composite-material infrared optical fiber, their pioneering work and a variety of interesting discoveries in fiber preparation, as well as various potential applications with a great prospect. In his statement, a new phenomenon studying hydromechanics within fiber on the basis of nanometer fiber preparation was explained; the actual application of mass nanometer preparation in the field of optoelectronics, optical coating and biomedicine was explored, taking energy harvesting and biological detection devices for examples; the semiconductor fiber devices and intelligent fabric/costume were presented, such as thermal detecting optical fiber, all-solid-state high-energy density cable battery, super-thermal conducting rate fiber and fabrics etc.

Dr. Tao’s report of discussing the most active research field in current optical technology provided scientific and technical researchers of CUIT with a new research orientation. After the report, Dr. Tao was presented a letter of appointment as a guest professor by Li Yingxiang, Associate Dean of Communications Engineering College.

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