Representatives from University of Hawaii (UH) Visit CUIT


11thJan, 2017

Professor Brian Taylor, Dean of Institute of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology of UH, Dr. Chris Ostrander, Assistant to Dean, and Professor Bin Wang visited CUIT and attended a communication meeting in No. 7conference room of the Administration Building to discuss the 3+2 Bachelor and Master program. The meeting was hosted by Fan Guangzhou, Dean of Atmospheric Sciences College, with the attendance including Duan Qianbing, Director of International Office, Liu Wei, Deputy Director, Chen Quanliang, Director of Graduate School, Yi Ping, Deputy Director of Academic Office, Zhou Yunjun, Deputy Dean of Atmospheric Sciences College and ect.

On the meeting, Fan Guangzhou extended a warm welcome to the guests. Duan Qianbing introduced the basic information of international cooperation and exchange of CUIT, hoping that more cooperative programs could be developed. Chen Quanliang and Yi Ping introduced the education work of postgraduates and undergraduates of CUIT respectively. Brian Taylor expressed that both sides should strength cooperation on multiple levels including scientific research and teachers and students exchanges to expand their views. Dr. Chris Ostrander shared UH’s experience on running 3+2 Bachelor and Master program. Both sides discussed on cooperation mode and content detailedly.

After the meeting, the representatives visited Meteorological Observation Site and the Atmospheric Sciences College of CUIT.


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