Professor Bin Wang from UH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


Invited by Atmospheric Sciences College of CUIT, Professor Bin Wang from Atmospheric Department of University of Hawaii (UH), USA delivered an academic lecture entitled2015-2016super El Nino Impact on Asian-Australian Monsoon Hydrological Hazard in Conference Room 310 of Atmospheric Building in the afternoon of Jan. 11. The lecture was hosted by professor Lv Shihua, with the attendance including some teachers and graduate students from Atmospheric Sciences College of CUIT.

Professor Bin Wang explained how El Nino impacted East Asian Monsoon based on its changeability and robustness. He promoted the view point of "some disasters caused by nature will not reflect in seasonal average" and proved it in his speech, which brought the audiences new train of thought. Then professor Bin Wang proposed three questions as follows: 1. Is it El Nino that causes the changeability of Summer precipitation in East Asia? 2. Why the abnormal phenomenon of rainess happens in South China during winter-spring season only when El Nino is strong, not when it is weak? 3. Why the time of strong El Nino can last from this fall to next summer?

Professor Bin Wang's brilliant speech brought audiences an entirely new experience of academic communication. At the end of the lecture, teachers and students attended raised questions on the compulsion between the same surface temperature and the atmosphere, the relationship between the warming sea surface temperature of the Indian Ocean and Elaine Nino etc. and aroused heated discussion.

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