Representative from UNH visits CUIT


23rd March, 2017

Dean of Confucius College of University of New Hampshire, Mr.Yige Wang visited CUIT. Hosted by Deputy Director of International Office, Liuwei, a meeting was held with participants from concerned colleges and schools, including Postgraduates Office, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Management, Business, and Statistics.

Liu Wei expressed his hospitable and sincere thanks to Mr. Wang Yige, for all the contribution he had made to the cooperation between our two universities since he has been appointed as the Authorized Representative of CUIT for International Cooperation in the State of New Hampshire, U.S.A. After an introduction on the exiting bilateral cooperative programs, both for PhDs and Masters, all the presented guests offered their own opinions and raised questions, especially around the issues on collaborative models and specific implementing rules of master programs, which led to a clear map for our mutual demand and the next heading direction, so as to lay a solid foundation for promoting and carrying out these programs.

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