Dr Li Chen from University of Siegen gives an academic lecture in CUIT


15th March, 2017

Dr. Li Chen from University of Siegen, Germany, held an academic lecture entitled "Content-based Microscopic Image Analysis" at the academic Lecture Hall. The lecture was chaired by Professor Jiang tao, Dean of the Control Engineering College and attracted more than 200 teachers and students from the Control Engineering College.

Li Chen introduced the Microscopic image analysis method, which was applied to assisting biological research. He made a detailed introduction of the characteristics , the model, the mathematical proof and the application & promotion of this method. Then he introduced the application of feature extraction, feature fusion, sparse coding and strong and weak learning in microcosmic image analysis. Also, he described Siegen’s research findings and practical applications of microcosmic image analysis. Li Chen’s splendid lecture evoked the teachers and students’ great interest in the microscopic-image analysis method.

After the report, Dr. Li Chen answered the teachers and students’ questions about the semi - automatic image-segmentation algorithm, the weight selection of special amalgamation, the construction of dictionary, and the method’s combination with academic courses and entrepreneurial innovations. He also had a heated discussion on these subjects with all the participants. In addition, Dr. Li Chen expressed his intention to reinforce the deep collaboration with CUIT on the research of digital image processing.

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