Representatives from University of Washington visit CUIT


7th April, 2017

Senior Executive of Language and International Project in University of Washington, Ms. Sandra Janusch, Project Leader in China, Ms. Mao Ying, Director of Xiang Fei Global Education Group, Mr. Tao Rongyi visited CUIT and attended conference in the No.6 conference room of Administration Building to discuss cooperation between two universities. The conference was hosted by Liu Wei, Deputy Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and Gai Qiuyan, Section Chief of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, attended the conference.

In the conference, Liu warmly welcomed the guests and introduced the basic situation and foreign exchanges of CUIT. Sandra Janusch introduced basic situation of UW and the student short-term communication projects. Janusch hoped to develop communication and cooperation in two sides by active explorations, and welcomed teachers and students from CUIT to visit and study in UW.

Then participants explored development of student short-term communication project in two sides, which laid a solid foundation for later cooperation.

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