Professor Huang Baiming from UW-Madison Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


12th April, 2017

Invited by Software Engineering College of CUIT, Professor Huang Baiming from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, delivered an academic lecture entitled The Application of High Performance Computing in Remote Sensing and Geoscience in No. 1 Conference Room of the Administration Building.The lecture was hosted by professor Shu Hongping, Dean of Software Engineering College, with the attendance including teachers and students from Software Engineering College as well as some teachers from Atmospheric Sciences College, Resources and Environment College, Electronic Engineering College of CUIT.

Professor Huang Baiming explained the development course of High Performance Computing from CPU in the main to GPU instead, and interpreted the benefits and merits of GPU acceleration that based on WRF model and Hyperspectral Infrared Inversion in a simple way. The lecture ended in Q&A activity.

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