Doctor Verlan from University of Paris Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


13thApril, 2017

At the invitation of International Institute of Robots and Intelligent Systems of the Control Engineering College, Dr.Verlan from the University of Paris, gave an academic lecture entitled Thoughts on Membrane Computing and Multiset Rewriting in the Academic Lecture Hall. The lecture was hosted by Professor Jiang Tao, Dean of the Control Engineering College with the attendance of students and teachers from the Control Engineering College.

Verlan gave an in-depth introduction of the basic concepts, computing rules, modeling methods of the multiset rewriting. On this basis, Verlan further demonstrated the application of multiset rewriting methods on latest research results of membrane calculations, indicating its strong modeling capabilities.

The novel modeling method aroused strong interest of the teachers and students. After the lecture, Verlan communicated with students and teachers and shared his ideas on culture differences between China and France. Both sides said that they will further enhance the exchanges and cooperation on teaching and academic research.

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