Associate Professor Xue Yajuan from School of Communication Engineering Participated in ICCMSE



4th May, 2017

The 13th International Conference of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering 2017 (ICCMSE 2017) hosted by European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ESCMSE) was held during April 21-25 in Thessaloniki, the old town of Greece, with the attendance of experts and scholars in Computer Science, Communication Engineering, Meteorology, Physical Geography, Mechanics and Medical Science throughout the world. By inviting scientists and engineers from various academic fields relating to computational methods, the conference aimed at attracting high-quality original science papers through the discussion of scientific methods and arithmetic as well as the exchange of ideas.

Professor Xue Yajuan from School of Communication Engineering of CUIT was invited to host the seminar entitled Advanced Computational Methods in Vibration Signals, discussing over advanced computational methods related to Vibration Signal, Data Processing, Artificial Intellegence, Graph Manipulation and Visualization, etc. Dr. Xue presented an academic report entitled Application of CEEMD-based Attenuation Estination and Wavelet-based Cepstrum Decomposition in Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization.

Dr. Xue Yajuan devoted to developing geophysical information extraction method based on adaptation of random signal processing operation and newly developed method and technique in oil and gas reservoir earthquake prediction, put forward multiple original computational methods, and published a variety of science papers on SCI journals including Geophysical Journal International, Marine and Petroleum Geology and Geophysical Prospecting. With the widely approval of her research findings by the international fellow members of profession, Dr. Xue is frequently invited to participate in the international conferences and host seminars. She was nominated in 2016 Eni Award and won the 2nd prize of 2016 China Geophysical Science Progress, with her research findings successfully applied in gas detection in Sulige area, western and central Sichuan province.






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