Singapore Polytechnic Representatives Come to CUIT Discussing CDIO Teacher Training Issues


9th May, 2017

Chia Hui Yong, General Manager of Singapore Polytechnic International, Linda Lee, Principal Consultant of the SP International and visited CUIT and participated in the cooperation meeting on CDIO Teacher Training Program in No.7 Conference Room of Administrative Building. Wu Sijiu, Director of Teacher Education Development and Evaluation Center, He Jin, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, Gai Qiuyan, Section Chef of International Office, and leaders and teachers from Xihua University, Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chengdu Neusoft University attended this meeting. This meeting was chaired by Liu Wei, Deputy Director of International Office.


Liu Wei warmly welcomed the visitors and introduced the basic situation of CDIO reform in CUIT. Dr. Linda Lee introduced the teaching and learning framework, specific content and schedule of the CDIO teacher training program, explained some teaching cases in detail on how to enable students to take the initiative to learn, and shared the teaching methods and experience in engineering practice education in Singapore Polytechnic .After that, the delegates had in-depth discussion on the assessment of teaching methods and related details with Linda Lee and Chia Hui Yong.


Through the discussion, the implementation of CDIO teacher training program has been basically confirmed, and CUIT will further promote the relevant work.


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