Professor Dan Garcia from University of California at Berkeley Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


12th May, 2017

Professor Dan Garcia from School of Computer Science of the University of California at Berkeley was invited to CUIT and delivered an academic lecture entitled Transforming High School Computer Science: The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC). Teachers and students from School of Computer Science actively participated in this lecture.

Through demonstrating a simple procedure, Dan Garcia introduced a calculation called The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) that to achieve friendly programming through Scratch, which is a more concise computer language at the proximity of natural language comparing to other computer languages. Then Dan Garcia made a brief presentation on completing programming through simple merging of graphics program statement and parameter input, showing the superiority of this computer language, which is beautiful and fun.

The wonderful display from Dan Garcia broadened the students' horizon, deepened students' understanding, and motivated them to stay curious and enthusiastic on computer science. In the Q&A section, Professor Dan Garcia offered detailed answers to the students' questions.

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