CUIT delegation visits Siegen University


26th May, 2017


A delegation led by Chair of Council Dr. Zhou Jiliu visited Siegen University of Germany recently, which was composed of Li Fei, Dean of School of Cybersecurity, He Jin, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, Jiang Tao, Associate Dean of School of Control Engineering, Du Guohong, Associate Dean of School of Electronic Engineering and Sun Jiameng, Interpreter of International Office. The delegation visited some Robotics Laboratories and Innovation Bases of Students and had several conversations with concerned colleges and departments.


Zhou Jiliu had a meeting with Chancellor of Siegen University Ulf Richter and Hanna Schramm-Klein, and discussed some cooperative issues on scientific research, teaching and academics. Zhou Jiliu expressed that it is of great significance to explore international exchange and cooperation relationships with German universities with the backdrop that we’ve already established connections with more than 40 colleges and institutions around the world. After that, the Memorandum of Understanding between Chengdu University of Information Technology and Siegen University was signed.


In addition, more talks were conducted with staff members, including Ulrich Emberhardt, Nina Fenn and Christine Muller from International Office, and Director of Beijing Office of Siegen University, Ms. Xu Rong, Anke Frohlisch from Quality Management and International issues, Dr. Roman Obermaisser, Chair for Embedded Systems, Dr. Elmar Griese, Chair for Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Photonics, Dr. Ralph Dreher, Chair for Technical Vocational Didactics, Dr. Robert Brandt, Chair for Tool Systems for Lightweight Vehicles. Topics cover a wide range from Robotics, Embedded Systems, Information Security, Image Processing and details of student exchange (both undergraduates and graduates) scientific research as well as joint-project application etc.

Zhou Jiliu issued an appointment certificate to Dr. Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert, as the Chair of the International Joint Research Institute on Robotics and Intellectual Systems of CUIT. Later on, the delegation visited the robotic labs and Innovation Base of Real-Time Learning Systems together with Dr. Klaus and staff members from his research team.


In conclusion, consensus was reached in areas of joint PhD program, joint scientific research by professors from each side, and teaching resources sharing like to hold summer school etc.



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