University of Maryland Tenured Professor William S. Levine Gives Academic Report in CUIT


8 June, 2017

Robot and Intelligent Systems International Joint Research Institute launched the 8th International Academic Exchanges. William Levine, Tenured Professor of Department of Computer Engineering of University of Maryland, Life Fellow of IEEE, a world’s master on optimal control theory and a recipient of Millennium Medal, was invited to give a wonderful lecture about the regulation of human posture in International Conference Hall. Before the lecture began, Chair of Counci Professor Zhou Jiliu awarded him Honor Certificate of guest professor in Control Science and Engineering.

In this lecture, Professor Levine introduced some of his scientific research results, including designing a mathematical model to reproduce code of conduct of biomechanics posture balance, researching and explaining the kinematic mechanics of posture balance, solving the problem of delay through reference model predictive control method and proposing tensor model to describe complex biomechanics system, etc. Moreover, he discussed on other matters such as nonlinear estimation, energy test and the application of optimal control and pointed out the future research direction of this field.

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