Representatives from University of Siegen Visit CUIT and Sign Cooperation Agreement


On the morning of June 22nd, President Ulf Richter, International Program Leader Christine Müller, and Director of the Beijing Office Xu Rong from University of Siegen of Germany visited CUIT and signed intercollegiate cooperation agreement. Vice-president of CUIT He Jianxin met the guests in No. 7 conference room and hosted the conference.  



He Jianxin extended warm welcome to Ulf Richter and representatives from University of Siegen, hoping that further cooperation on student exchange, staff exchange of visits and co-education of postgraduates can be developed on the basis of the MOU already signed by both parties. In-depth discussion was carried out on the following aspects. First, how to implement the students exchange program in detail, including the number of exchange students in each semester, the level of exchange students, free tuition fees from both, matching curriculum and the language requirement. Second, how to accomplish the report process of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education, making full use of its advantages and mode of co-operation. Third, how to co-operate in  co-education of postgraduates on the basis of the subjects and modes were taken into account.


Through talks, both parties had a further understanding of the international exchange work being done by the two universities, and made clear of the co-operative direction, thus laid a good foundation on pushing forward the specific co-operative programs between University of Siegen and CUIT.

The Students Exchange Agreement between CUIT and University of Siegen was signed after the conference. University of Siegen delegation then paid a visit to the Unmanned Vehicle Design Laboratory and the Atmospheric Sounding Museum of CUIT.



Representatives from the International Exchange and Cooperation office, Postgraduate office, Academic Administration, School of Control Engineering, and School of Electronic Engineering of CUIT attended the signing ceremony.


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