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Dr. Feng Wuhu from Leeds University of UK Visits CUIT

April 20, 2018  clicktimes:[]

10th_13thApril, 2018

Dr. Feng Wuhu from Earth and Environment School of Leeds University was invited to pay a visit to our University.

Dr. Feng gave a series of academic lectures entitled An overview of Atmospheric Research Activities: Weather, Climate, Chemistry, Aerosol & Crops, Stratospheric polar ozone depletion studies with a chemical transport model TOMCAT/SLIMCAT, Mesospheric metal layers studies with a coupled chemistry-climate model and so on, which systematically introduced the main directions and achievements of Earth and Environment School of Leeds University in atmospheric sciences, chemistry, aerosols and other atmospheric scientific research fields. The report respectively focused on stratospheric ozone depletion studies and mid-atmosphere metal layer studies, including the development and application of atmospheric chemistry models and research on scientific issues.

Feng Wuhu also installed the independently developed tropospheric atmospheric chemistry and aerosol model TOMCAT for CUIT. He also provided debugging on mode localization and explanation for key technical issues. The model passed the tests and operations successfully.

During the visit, the International Office, Science and Technology Department, Postgraduate Office, Academic Affairs Office, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Resources and Environment, School of Atmospheric Sciences and other relevant functional departments and academic leaders communicated with Feng Wuhu on the matters such as joint training of undergraduate and graduate students, short-term visits by teachers and students, post-doctoral training, and scientific research cooperation and so on.