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Prof. Yang Qinglong from Donghua University in Taiwan Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT

November 29, 2017  clicktimes:[]

30th October, 2017

Professor Yang Qinglong of Donghua University in Taiwan gave a lecture on Information Hiding and Secret Image Sharing Based on Error Correcting Code in the 3rd conference room of the Information Building. Teachers and students from School of Cybersecurity, School of Communication Engineering and School of Software Engineering listened to the lecture which was hosted by Professor Zhang Shibin, Vice Dean of School of Cybersecurity.

Professor Yang Qinglong combined the important research field of cryptography and image processing and elaborated the information hiding technology based on error correcting code and the correlation between LSB and OPAB hiding technology. He also elaborated the relationship between SIS based on RS code and polynomial based SIS, and introduced secret image technology based on Hamming code and quantitative code.

Professor Yang also introduced the recent scientific research work of his team and conducted in-depth exchanges with CUIT teachers. He also taught graduate students the experience of scientific research, which stimulated students’ enthusiasm for learning. This lecture opened up the horizons of both teachers and students, and also promoted academic exchanges.