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The delegation from ESLI Universities Visits CUIT

March 30, 2018  clicktimes:[]

20 March, 2018

The delegation from ESLI Universities---Trinity Western University(TWU), Western Kentucky University(WKU), University of Wisconsin Suspiano Campus (UWS), University of Minnesota Drew Campus (UMD), Sullivan University (SU), Southern Illinois University Edwards Campus (SIUE) including professor David Kerr, Fang Jiang, Kali Kelleher, visited CUIT for communication. He Jia, Dean of the School of Computer Science, Li Yingxiang, Dean of the School of Communication Engineering, Liu Shaoquan, Secretary of the Party General Branch, and the related teachers from the International Office and the School of Communication Engineering attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Yingxiang introduced the general situation of our university from the aspects of historical evolution, faculties, school scale, and professional characteristics. Taking the School of Communication Engineering as an example, he introduced the orientation of colleges, the goal of personnel training, professional construction and organization, the achievements, as well as the awards, teaching resources, and scientific research achievements of the teaching staff, teachers and students. The leaders of ESLI Universities also introduced seven schools respectively from the aspects of the school’s geographic location, the nature of the school, school scale, the student group (source and scale of international students), and the professionals and scholarships.

The exchange meeting aims to increase mutual understanding and provide more opportunities for students who wish to study abroad. After the meeting, the leaders of ESLI Universities conducted a propaganda for students who had intentions of studying abroad.