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The Learning Express Program (LeX) Jointly Launched by CUIT and Singapore Polytechnic Held Successfully

April 2, 2018  clicktimes:[]

March 12-20, 2018

Focusing on Design Thinking in the concept of CDIO Engineering Education, the Learning Express program (LeX) jointly launched by CUIT and Singapore Polytechnic was held successfully. The two universities selected 3 instructors and 28 students respectively to go to the practical bases of the crazy farm in Chongzhou and Jingxiu Spring City in Shuangliu to conduct field research for the purpose of producting design proposals and solve practical problems in the social life.


The LeX program is an important project of "Cooperation Memorandum between Chengdu University of Information Technology and Singapore Polytechnic to Develop Project Education Social Innovation Practice Project" jointly signed by Chengdu University of Information Technology and Singapore Polytechnic in September 2017.

The project agreed that, under the financial support of the Singapore Polytechnic, 28 students from the Singapore Polytechnic came to our university in March each year to study and discuss Design Thinking, to understand the concept of CDIO and implement the implementation of CDIO through field trips, discussions, model buildings and other processes together with 28 students from CUIT.

The smooth development of this event is conducive to integrating innovative design thinking into the teaching objectives of our university. It also lays a good foundation for the long-term stable cooperation between our university and Singapore Polytechnic. Furthermore, it promoted the exchanges and cooperation of engineering education and innovation between CUIT and foreign universities.