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Professor Ronan Reilly from Maynooth University Gives an Academic Report in CUIT

April 17, 2018  clicktimes:[]

April 9th, 2018

Professor Ronan Reilly, Vice President of Maynooth University of Ireland and Department of Computer Science, was invited to give an academic lecture. The lecture was hosted by Dr. Peng Shanglian from School of Computer Science. More than 100 teachers and students attended the lecture.

Professor Ronan Reilly introduced NUI at first and welcomed the teachers and students of CUIT to study at Maynooth University.

Professor Ronan Reilly then gave an academic lecture entitled Recent trends in robotics and their implications. Firstly he introduced traditional robots and their limitations, combined with big data and artificial intelligence technologies to analyze the development trend of the robot field and its impact on the future. Subsequently, he introduced the current popular deep neural network technology - the Differential Neural Computer model (DNC, Google's Deep Mind model released in 2016), which has advantages over other models and have great potential for application in many fields (such as education, agriculture, medical, Manufacturing, etc.) Professor Reilly also shared the latest knowledge that can promote technological development (such as hardware development technology, new machine learning algorithms, etc.), and evaluated the impact of these trends in the areas of job automation and job creation. Finally, he analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of current robotics technology and predicted the future development trend.

After the report, Professor Reilly communicated with the teachers and students present at the meeting on learning suggestions, robotics development techniques and related employment trends.