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The Fourth Stage of CDIO Teacher Training Project by CUIT and Singapore Polytechnic Completed Successfully

May 10, 2018  clicktimes:[]

The fourth stage of CDIO teacher training project held by CUIT and Singapore Polytechnic had completed successfully. 3 foreign experts from SP came for training and 50 teachers from CUIT, Chengdu College of UESTC and Chengdu Neusoft University participated in this training. The project is organized jointly by Teachers and Teaching Development and Evaluation Center and International Exchange and Cooperation Office.

On the theme of active-experiential learning, Linda Lee, Teoh Swee Bing and Lee Chong Hwa emphasized student-oriented education methods by reviewing the character of student to distinguish between active learning and experiential learning. During the training, the experts guided teachers to write learning goals for the first, selected teaching methods and teaching forms according to curriculum objectives, insisting on principle of structural consistency to combine teaching forms and methods. The design of CDIO curriculum evaluation emphasizes on the basis of students’ ideal experiential learning experience, and guides teachers to make plans for students’ experiential learning teaching.

Through the fourth stage of training, teachers participated are able to distinguish between active learning and experiential learning, find the needs and challenges of students, understand the teaching method, teaching form and the examination form, and establish the consistency between them.