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The Opening Ceremony of the “Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Robots” Seminar

May 31, 2018  clicktimes:[]

23rd -26th May 2018,

The delegation of five distinguished experts financed by Chunhui Project of the Ministry of Education came to CUIT for a four-day academic exchange. The delegation was composed of Professor Xu Zhijie from Huddersfield University, Professor Gu Dongbing from Essex University, Professor Ming Geyong from Exeter University, Professor Yu Hui from Portsmouth University and senior lecturer Zhang Jie from Newcastle University.

On the morning of the 24th, the opening ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Robotsseminar was held at the International Conference Hall of CUIT. Five experts from the Chinese delegation of the British Automation and Computer Association of China, President Yu Minming and Vice President He Jianxin attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was chaired by He Jianxin.

At the opening ceremony, He Jianxin warmly welcomed the visiting experts and introduced the background and participants of the seminar.

Yu Minming expressed his sincere welcome to the expert delegation’s visit and introduced the basic situation of CUIT, including the distribution of disciplines, scientific research talents, professional development of information technology disciplines, development of AI and international scientific research cooperation achievements. He said that our universtiy attaches great importance to this opportunity to cooperate with experts and we hope to establish exchange mechanisms with universities in UK, such as discipline construction, scientific research cooperation, and personnel training, through the exchange of seminar, CUIT will further promote AI and intelligent robots development.

Xu Zhijie introduced the Chunhui Plan and the history of his association, as well as the purpose and the research areas of this event.


After the opening ceremony, the experts brought a series of wonderful academic lectures to the teachers and students of CUIT.

The Ministry of Education has been implementing Chunhui Plan since 1997 to support the overseas students to renturn to the country. The Ministry of Education allocates special funds to support the short-term return of them. Since the implementation of Chunhui Plan, it had exerted a wide range of positive influence among overseas students and has inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of the majority of them. Chunhui Project firstly entered our university, and will surely build a good platform for exchanges and cooperation with overseas experts for the relevant researchers in CUIT, which will greatly benefit the academic and research levels in the related fields of CUIT.