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The Fifth Stage of CDIO Teacher Training Project by CUIT and Singapore Polytechnic Completed Successfully

June 7, 2018  clicktimes:[]

May 21st to May 23rd,

The fifth stage of CDIO teacher training project held by CUIT and Singapore Polytechnic had completed successfully. 3 foreign experts from SP came for training and 50 teachers from CUIT, Chengdu College of UESTC and Chengdu Neusoft University participated in this training. The project is organized jointly by Teachers & Teaching Development and Evaluation Center and International Office.




Linda Lee, Yoong Yuen Soo and Lee Chong Hwa started a 3-day training on the theme of making professional evaluation for continuous promotion. The experts interpreted the corresponding relationship between teaching quality management system and stakeholders, explained several aspects of the content included matching CDIO skills based on authentication requirements, make self-evaluation in professional level and curriculum level, planning for evaluation and possible foresight, collecting method of feedback information, key factors of success and how to implement CDIO programmes.


Through the fifth stage of training, teachers participated are able to determine the main component of integrated teaching quality management system, implement project assessment and evaluation according to 12 CDIO standards, understand the difference of CDIO evaluation between professional level and curriculum level, design a evaluation program of curriculum level, and design questions in data collection.

After this stage, some excellent teachers will be chosen for further study in the third stage training in SP.