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Dr.Jochen Landgraf from Space Research Oranization Netherlands, SRON is Invited to Give an Academic Lecture in CUIT

March 29, 2019  clicktimes:[]

4th Mar. to 7 thMar.2019,

Dr.Jochen Landgraf , from Space Research OrganitionNetherlands, SRON, was invited to make an exchange visit by School of Electronics Engineering College in CUIT.  For the duration of the visit Dr.Jochen Landgraf did an article with Science aspect of TROPOMI and OCO-2 Academic Report in Conference Room 216 of Meteorological Building. And the report was presided over by Yang Ling, Dean of Electronic Engineering College.

The report of Dr.Jochen Landgraf revolves around Satellite remote sensing of atmospheric carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas detectors such as methane and the research and development of satellite inversion algorithm. And the report summarizes the status of hyperspectral greenhouse gas monitors in the world and the performance characteristics and remote sensing application of hyperspectral satellite observation load. At the same time, Dr.Jochen Landgraf introduced the Atmospheric Radiation Transfer Models and Inversion Algorithms for Atmospheric Methane and Caebon Dioxide Greenhouse Gases Using Short Wave Infrared Remote Sensing.

         After the report, Dr.Jochen Landgraf had an in-depth exchange with the advisor and students of the Electronic Engineering College. Associate Professor Liu hailei who leads the research team of atmospheric remote sensing methods and technologies made an introduction of current scientific research work carried out by the team and related scientific research achievements achieved. In the end, the two sides exchanged views on further scientific cooperation.