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The Delegation of Chengdu University of Information Technology to Germany Successfully Completed the Training of Integration Research on Key Technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Disaster Weather Early Warning

September 17, 2019  clicktimes:[]

August 31, 2019

The training group of “Integration Research on key Technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Disaster Weather Early Warning” to Germany sucessfully completed the studying task and came back to China. Zhou yuqian,the dean of the school of Mathematics, as the leader of the group, leading 20 teachers from different Colleges of Atmospheric Sciences,Resources and Environment,Electronic Engineering,Computer Sciences and others to in-depth study and held a party branch summary meeting regularly, completed the training successfully.






This training take “Big data and meteorological disasters”as the core. During 21 days of learning, the contents of the training cover German meteorological observation and early warning treatment methods,sewage treatment,urban flood control,big data theory and research, resources and environmental protection,etc.And paying a visit to the relevant teaching research departments and centers,understand the Germany development and the research field of artificial intelligence,the research and practice progress of meteorological disasters,to recognize the differences and characteristics between Germany and China in education, history, economy and other aspects.The participating teachers also have a deeper understangding and reflection on the research and development of their respective disciplines,improve the communication and cooperation in their own disciplines and interdisciplinary fields based on the research practice in Germany.

Through this training,the teachers have a deep understanding on Germany industry 4.0, especially the combination of the artificial intelligence technology and the urban sewage treatment, the intelligent monitoring of big data platform, the integration and application of geographical data,the application of regional climate models, the main work of environmental and nature protection, the operations of the European Meteorological Satellite Center, education and teaching in Germany,etc.