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School of Software Engineering is established under the background of developing software industry by nation and Sichuan Province. School persists in orienting by market demand, strengthen training of practical and engineering ability, to train software-oriented personnel with solid foundation, experienced engineering ability, and skilled with advanced software development technology.

The School is in charge of undergraduate and postgraduate education, setting up undergraduate majors of software engineering and space information & digital technology, and postgraduate education including academic master of software engineering, engineering master with major degree (in computer technology), and master of agricultural extension (in agricultural informatization).

Software engineering pertains to specialties of “outstanding engineer education training program” from Ministry of Education and specialties of Sichuan Province. With solid foundation of ability in application software system design and engineering development, students can adapt requirements of modern information society and development and application of software engineering in the future as personnel of software engineering.

Space information and digital technology requires student to possess professional knowledge of geo-information system, remote sensing technology, navigation guiding and positioning, with ability of digital processing, network transmission, visual expression, intelligent decision making.

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