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International Students

Admission Information for International Education

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Admission Information 

Dear Students,

We welcome you to be a CUITer! The followings are preparation works you need to do on your arrival in Chengdu.

I. About Visa

1. Overseas students apply x-visa in China embassies with CUIT admission letter and JW202/201.  

2. Overseas students with x-visa should apply their Aliens Residence Card within 30 days after entering into China at the International Education College of CUIT. If not, it will be deemed illegal residence by the Public Security Bureau and heavy fines will be paid. Please come to the International Office of CUIT on your arrival in Chengdu ASAP for registration and the Residence Permission.

II. About Physical Check-up

1. Overseas students with x-visa should take Physical Check-up. Those who have had Aliens Residence Cards do not need it anymore.

2. Those who have taken Physical Check-up in other places should have the report verified at Beijing International Travel Health Care Center (60RMB). Those who have incomplete reports or failed reports should take the Physical Check-up again.


Physical Check-up Center: Sichuan International Travel Health Care Center

Address: No. 1 Tongzilin North Road

Telephone: 028-85197251

Time: 800am-11:00am  Monday to Friday

Requirements: with an empty stomach

Materials: Passport, Three passport photos. Reports are available three days after the examination.

III. Insurance

According to Ministry of Education of China, overseas students must buy Personnel Comprehensive Insurance for People Coming to China. The Fees for the insurance is 800 yuan for 12 months or 400 yuan for 6 months. Please refer to A Brief Introduction to Foreign Students Comprehensive Insurance via www.lxbx.net.

For the convenience of all overseas students, please pay the insurance fee to the International Education College while register in CUIT. The International Education College will purchase insurance for all overseas students.

Special Notice: For those who do not purchase insurance according to the regulations, registrations are prohibited.

IV. Arrival and Accommodation

1. Arrival

CUIT Hangkonggang campus, located in the Southwest part of Chengdu City, is close to Shuangliu International Airport. Taxies are available at anytime and 804 or 300 bus are cheaper choices.

2. Accommodation

Living in Campus: Overseas students could apply accommodations at the International Education College with admission letters two months in advance.

Special Notice: For those who live out of the campus, please register living information in the local Public Security Bureau within 24 hours.

V. Registration and Tuition Payment

All who have been admitted to CUIT, should report on the dates specified on the Admission Letters. Early registration are not available. Those who could not register on time should deliver a Letter of Explanation to the International Education College.

1. Time for registration: 9:00am-16:30pm  September 10

2. Office for registration: International Education College  325/320 Administrative Office

3. Procedure : Collect the entrance registration process form

                     Pay tuition fee

                     Pay insurance fee

                     Visa application

                     Register with the college: register with your colleges with the letter of admission. Your class schedule can be collected in the college.

4. Tuition Standard

Special Notice: Please pay the annual tuition at a time upon registration and the tuition fee can not be refunded during the academic year.

5. Ways of payment: cash, debit card or credit card of China.

Location: Financial Department, 1st Floor of the Administration Building

     Please get the following materials ready upon registration.

VI. Address and contact ways of CUIT

 Address:  No.24 Block 1, Xuefu Road, Chengdu, China, 610225

Tel: +86-28-85966490  Fax: +86-28-85966993

E-mail: gjjyxy@cuit.edu.cn  Contact Person: Gai Qiuyan

We welcome new overseas students to come and join us