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International Students

Chinese Language Class of International Education College

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I. Training Objective

Our Chinese language class aimed at fostering students the capability of using Chinese language flexibly, understanding Chinese culture and adapting to the needs of the current international community.


IIFeatures of the Chinese language class

Different levels to choose: We offer four levels of class including zero basis, basic, medium and advanced levels for students who can choose levels accordingly and transfer smoothly.

  1. Small class: Each class contains no more than ten students, in which students’ desires are fully respected and targeted-curriculum are provided.

  2. Excellent teachers: We select excellent teachers of TCFL and related majors, including four professors and five associated professors, around the university.

  3. HSK tutoring class: We offer HSK tutoring class according to the requirements of the HSK Test which provide training to students in four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  4. Rich culture experience class: We offer classes on culture of Chinese characters, the general situation of China, Chinese contemporary literature appreciation and calligraphy and painting which could enable our students to have a better understanding about Chinese culture. Every month, we have an outdoor activity like Panda culture class, Sichuan Cuisine culture activity, spring outdoor activity, Han Clothing culture activity and etc. which strives to involve overseas students into Chinese culture and acclimatized to Chinese culture.


III. Objectives of the Chinese language class:

  1. Lay a firm foundation in Chinese verbal ability and communication skills.

  2. Master the system of Chinese basic theory and basic knowledge.

  3. Master Chinese humanities knowledge and familiar with the national condition of China and its social culture.

  4. Master the basic ways of literature search, data query and have the basic scientific research ability and practical working ability.