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College of Blockchain Technology (CBT) is a newly built interdisciplinary industrial college in Chengdu University of Information Technology (CUIT). CUIT set up this college in order to adapt to the new generation information technology and digital economy on the basis of the existing disciplines, which includes Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Statistics, and Cyberspace Security. With Blockchain Plus as its core feature, CBT integrates multi-disciplines with industry and carries out joint training with well-known enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad.

In accordance with the idea of integrating industry development with teaching, linking up specialty docking and curriculum convergence, CBT has established the multiple collaborative training mechanism for colleges, special fields of study, industries, and enterprises. Blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other modern information technologies are deeply integrated with teaching, thus realizing the sharing of information, talents, technology and material resources between CUIT and enterprises, and promoting the Three Systems and One Transformation training model—tutor system, project system, team system and personalized training. CBT has created Six in One system, which consists of industry, learning, researching, transferring, innovating and practising; setting up a cycle which closely combines the mutually beneficial, interactive and multi win entity education platform with specialty, industry, college, specialty group and industry cluster.

The college has a strong faculty with professional background. Full-time teachers graduated from Cambridge University, University of Electronic Science and Technology and other top universities from home and abroad. Part-time teachers are system architects, designers and R & D engineers of high-tech enterprises, with rich technical skills and industry experience. The high-level teaching staff promotes the establishment of a multi-functional base for personnel training, scientific research, technological innovation, business services, student entrepreneurship and continuing education. Also the high-level teaching staff will encourage the interactive and innovative development of higher education and high-tech industries, as well as accelerate the training of outstanding scientific and technological personnel who can adapt to and lead the next round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. This will build an industry leading environment for personnel training in the fields of new technology and new economy.

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