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In 2008, the University incorporated several departments and established the School of Business. It has 5 undergraduate programs in accounting, financial management, marketing, international economic and trade finance engineering. With a practical economic level master degree grant unit, set up a financial, regional economy and industrial economy three professional. At the same time, the School of Business also with the United States, Britain and other countries of the institutions of higher learning to run schools and educational exchange projects, and Kaplan International Corporation for ACCA training. There are currently more than 2,200 students enrolled in the School of Business, with online financial laboratory ((affiliated Hand Accounting Imitative Lab), International Trade and Finance Lab, Institute of Finance and Accounting and Professional Reference Room were built.

In recent years, the employment rate of the graduate is above 95% and the career paths of graduates include government agencies, banks, large enterprises, universities, etc. The high comprehensive quality and strong practical ability of students are well recognized by employers.

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