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The Vice President of Illinois Institute of Technology Visited CUIT and Signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation

November 3, 2023  clicktimes:[]

On the morning of October 23, Vice President Mallik Sundharam, Dean of Armour College of Engineering Kevin W. Cassel, and International Enrollment Management Manager Xu Ye from Illinois Institute of Technology, USA visited CUIT. Party Secretary Shen Huoming, President He Jianxin, and Vice President Wu Xi had a meeting with the guests in the sixth conference room at the Airport Campus. The meeting was presided over by Xu Yuanping, Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation.

Shen Huoming extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Mallik Sundharam and pointed out that our university attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with foreign universities in the field of engineering education. Illinois Institute of Technology has a high reputation and influence in computer science and other engineering fields. The cooperation between the two universities will help promote the internationalization of education and cultivate outstanding international talents.

He Jianxin also expressed his warm welcome to the guests. He said that our university has been carrying out integrated reform of education and teaching for 15 years, drawing on international engineering education concepts such as CDIO, and has achieved remarkable results. This cooperation will open a new chapter in the internationalization of engineering education in our university.

Mallik Sundharam introduced the history, faculty, education and teaching of Illinois Institute of Technology, highlighting its international and diverse characteristics. He mentioned that Illinois Institute of Technology makes full use of its geographical advantages, using the city of Chicago as an open laboratory, and attaches great importance to cultivating students' innovative and practical abilities, which aligns well with our university's talent cultivation concept of covering the industrial chain development.

Wu Xi introduced the economic development, industrial structure, talent introduction and other aspects of Chengdu, and detailed the achievements of our university in history, discipline construction, talent cultivation model covering the social industry chain, and international open education. He said that all departments of the university will cooperate to provide guarantees for the establishment of substantive cooperation between the two universities.

Kevin W. Cassel introduced the ranking of advantageous majors and the curriculum of cross-integration disciplines in Armour College of Engineering. He mentioned that Armour College of Engineering encourages students to participate in cross-disciplinary team projects with diverse goals, aiming to cultivate students' international leadership and creativity.

Both parties discussed building a cooperative exchange platform around advantageous majors, carrying out substantial exchange activities for teachers and students. They formulated a cooperation plan. Subsequently, Mallik Sundharam and Wu Xi signed a "Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between Chengdu University of Information Technology and Illinois Institute of Technology on behalf of the two universities. According to the agreement, both parties will jointly promote in-depth cooperation in innovative international talent cultivation, improving the quality of professional course construction, achieving high-quality student employment, establishing joint innovation laboratories, etc., to help both parties achieve leapfrog development.

In the afternoon, accompanied by CUIT leaders, the guests visited the School of Computer Science (Digital Media Technology Development Laboratory, Innovation and Open Laboratory), the School of Cyberspace Security (Internet of Things Engineering Laboratory), the School of Communication Engineering (5G Application Innovation Laboratory), the School of Electronic Engineering (Meteorological Radar Signal Processing Research Laboratory), and the School of Automation (Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Teaching Laboratory). They listened to detailed reports from college leaders and professional teachers and expressed that the achievements of our university in the integration of industry and education in engineering majors are impressive and worthy of exchange and learning.